Remitano Business Model Explained - How Remitano earns money?

Have you wondered how this p2p escrow based exchange Remitano makes money? In this blog, we are going to discuss the revenue models of Remitano involved.

Remitano Business Model Explained - How Remitano earns money?

Remitano is the home for millions of people to buy cryptocurrency in a peer to peer way. The exchange has been operating in countries like Australia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Cambodia, China with a huge user base accessing the platform daily.

Have you wondered how this p2p escrow based exchange makes money? In this blog, we are going to discuss the revenue models of Remitano involved. 

Business Models of Remitano

1. Escrow Transaction fees

The process of buying and selling cryptocurrency happens in Remintano with the help of escrow admin help. The cryptocurrency is locked inside the escrow wallet once the sell ad is posted. 

When the buyer is interested, they can negotiate with the seller and initiate the payment once both parties are agreed. Later, the escrow admin releases the crypto to the buyer account and money to the seller account. 

For this transaction, the escrow charges a certain amount of fees. This is one of the important revenue streams for Remitano.

2. Swapping fees

In Remitano, you can exchange any cryptocurrency for tokens in a decentralized way. For example, if you want the equivalent number of Ethereum tokens for 10 Bitcoins, you can get them instantly. 

To do this process, the swapping fees are charged from Remitano users and it is also called Gas fees. This is due to the fact that smart contracts need to be executed for decentralized exchange transactions.  

3. Lending

Remitano delivers advanced features for its users as the ecosystem is continually evolving. One of the emerging products is DeFi lending. Users can borrow cryptocurrency from Remitano for doing crypto trading and they are charged with interest fees in exchange. 

Remitano lends the cryptocurrency to the users from the users(p2p). The platform created a lending investment pool for investors who are eager to earn passive income. The borrowers lend the crypto from the lending pool and maximize their portfolio using trading strategies. 

Through this mechanism, Remitano higher its liquidity pool while also charging commission fees from borrowers for facilitating the DeFi process. 

4. Liquidity

Liquidity is the part of the process in DeFi where investors are adding their cryptocurrency stake inside the pool. By getting enough liquidity from stakers for the fixed terms, Remitano uses the funds for its upgradation, investing, and lending them for yielding maximum interest returns. 

5. Swing

Swing is one of the investment streams that Remitano is offering. This is the instant place to get started when you're not aware much about investment strategies. 

The swing option lets you choose the returns in two options like Normal, Margin2x where the returns are different. No minimal investment is required to add your money in the swing. 

6. Gameshub

Game Hub is the play-to-earn game section where a lot of P2E games are put together. Gamers can choose the desired game and start  playing their games to earn extra income. 

Through NFT or cryptocurrencies locked inside the smart contract, they can earn money for exchanging the in-game assets in other NFT marketplaces. 

For every NFT transaction to be processed, Gamer has to pay NFT gas fees for the Remitano platform. Remintano opened up the new revenue stream through this p2e gaming universe too.

7. Launchpad

Remitano has its launchpad services available for NFT project creators to list their NFT collection. With the whooping user base Remitano has, NFT creators can gain maximum exposure to their NFT collection as well as sales too. Remitano charges a certain commission fee from NFT creators to list their collections. 

8. Coin listing fee

Remitano allows any cryptocurrency makers to announce their coin launch. Remitano can offer initial liquidity to the new coins by adding coin pairs and making them available for trade. The listing fee is taken from coin creators initially and Remitano will be hosting the coins as long as the period of time both parties agree.

9.  Advertisements

By allowing banner ads inside the platform, Remitano has the potential to earn its revenue from third party businesses related to the crypto industry. It was the traditional method of money making done all the time throughout the web. 

Most of the crypto exchanges abandoned this model of monetization as the reputation got spoiled due to low quality advertisements and scams rolled over the internet. 

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Have an idea to start a Remitano-like App?

If you are inspired by Remitano and their business models used, we hope you are likely to initiate a crypto venture similar to Remitano. Starting a Remitano like business can give you a lot of revenue streams which you can utilize in the long run. 

To help the Entrepreneurs like you, we have developed a Remitano clone script that encloses all backend features like CMS admin panel, user verification system, in-built payment gateway integration, wallet management, customer support system and much more. 

Contact us or drop a message. We'll get back to you shortly.

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