Shiba Metaverse Sells $20Mn Worth Virtual Lands

Shiba Metaverse Sells $20Mn Worth Virtual Lands.

Shiba Metaverse Sells $20Mn Worth Virtual Lands

SHIB( Shiba Inu’s Metaverse), the 3rd most googled metaverse development Company is on the trend selling virtual lands worth $20mn in first 2 stages of sale.The reports says that the users have spent 6280 Ethereum to acquire the lands so far,which is a huge scale. Surprisingly, We come to know that 3649 land owners are there in SHIB Metaverse.

Shiba Inu coin holders are now able to purchase their entrance into the Shiba Inu metaverse by selling numerous Shiba land holdings. Shiba Inu creators have revealed that the protocol that powers the famous meme coin would soon provide virtual property plots in a future Shiba Inu metaverse.

ETH Investments In Buying Virtual Lands

SHIB has also released the individual transaction history( Largest) was 36.3 ETH, Can you imagine the price invested? It's $110,700. Yes, we predict it as a huge transaction and we can also come to the conclusion of the profit amount the user is gonna earn.The company has made a easier roadmap for the users to get their virtual lands for different purposes like entertainment, advertising purposes, educational uses etc.

Metaverse - The Futuristic World

We can predict very openly that Metaverse is gonna seize the world by attracting billions of people. In India, People have started to engage their weddings very creatively in the metaverse like in other countries which are most technologically developed.

This can be concluded that it is getting more attention around the globe. If you have been already into the metaverse happenings, you might be familiar with the entire metaverse development processes and the technologies used which are Artificial Intelligence, Combination of AR and VR, Blockchain technology.

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